• simon7514

The starting point

Updated: May 10, 2019

After 5 years where Proversity worked with leading Corporations, Governments and Business Schools to turn their subject expertise into world leading online learning, our learning first approach led us to spot two key things:

1) Professionals learn best by doing and by working in a team to solve problems and with an expert coach

2) The world of work has evolved to enable virtual collaboration with video calling, instant messaging and collaborative cloud based documents

So, we asked ourselves, if professionals worked like this and learn best this way - why wasn't there a learning solution specifically for them?

The answer: learning platforms or management systems tend to try and do a bit of everything. They can serve a whole university or an entire mooc universe. That is amazing, but we wanted to do one thing: Experiential Learning - and we wanted to do that one thing really well.

We already had a world renowned technology team at Proversity who had pioneered the adoption of Open edX globally. We already had experts in Learning Science working to create amazing courses on holistic platforms like Canvas. So, we decided to spin out a small team and crack the problem the same way we did when we were a tiny start-up: by working single mindedly on one thing at a time. With the rapid change of technology, the way we consume knowledge will continue to change, Viper & the team are set up to adapt & grow with the world.

And so, Virtual Academies was born. And out of Virtual Academies has come our experiential learning engine Viper. Yes we can integrate with Open edX and Canvas (of course given our roots), and Yes we work very closely with Proversity to design and build the content that sits on Viper, but we now have a technology that truly enables the Learning By Doing approach professionals demand and need.

That's our story. Proversity and Virtual Academies now form the two key entities of Cohort Learning Group and we have never been happier.


Simon Bryant

Virtual Academies CEO