• rene0499

Collaborative Workplaces need Collaborative Learning Experiences

Updated: May 29, 2019

For most professionals, their day-to-day workflow involves participation in teams and collaborating to achieve specific outcomes. These could be both short term tasks as well as longer term projects. We are used to forming groups to achieve specific tasks or projects. We meet up with people, either virtually or in person, to discuss, agree and take action. If necessary we go and find out more information, do research, call in experts to assist.

However, the scenario changes when we move to online learning - which usually consists of lots of curated content for individuals to consume, followed by obligatory activities that are applicable to the online learning world, with obligatory postings to discussion boards.

The professionals are then expected to take their individual learning back to their workplaces and apply it in a collaborative environment.

Virtual Academies is bridging this gap by enabling the very tools and practices professionals use in their workplaces to be used in their learning experiences, thereby making a more effective transfer of learning. Professionals get to ‘learn by doing’ the very thing that they are going to be implementing. They can effectively practice, make mistakes and learn how to both recover and avoid those mistakes in a risk-free environment. If there’s content and information which would be useful, it is made available in a highly engaging and visual way, and the participants can make use of it as needed.

The only tasks they are asked to do are mimicked from the workplace - effectively giving them a safe space to practice a skill, with the aid of an experienced coach and their teammates.

‘I knew this information, but I’d never put it into practice before.’ from a learner on our AgilePM course.